Product Pipeline
A substance capable of enhancing or boosting an immune response, making vaccines more effective.
The first level of immune response to disease, and the basis of protective immunity from challenge with conventional vaccines. Antibodies are sufficient to protect against certain diseases, but malignancies and more stubborn infections also require cell-mediated or T cell immune responses.
Component of a pathogen, or disease agent, that is recognized by the immune system as foreign, triggering a protective immune response.
Antigen Presenting Cell, APC
Specialized immune system cell whose job is to process antigens to stimulate an immune response. APCs activate both antibody and T cell immunity.
Biologics License Application, BLA
The application submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in support of a therapy, including monoclonal antibody products for in vivo use, which is classified as therapeutic biotechnology.
A trout fishing fly that imitates the natural corixa, a bottom nymph that lives in weedy, still-water areas usually no deeper than 3 feet.
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes, CTL
Specialized T cells that have the ability to recognize and kill infected or malignant tissue.
A biological science concerned with the native or acquired resistance of higher animal forms and humans to infection with microorganisms.
Term used for a chemical mediator, hormone or drug having an effect on the immune system.
Leishmania elongation Initiation Factor, LeIF
A protein produced by the Leishmania parasite. LeIF has a potent stimulatory effect on the immune system. Corixa scientists who discovered the protein also found that APCs stimulated with LeIF produce molecular signals necessary for production of CTL. LeIF is currently under investigation as an adjuvant for Corixa vaccines as well as for vaccines to be developed by Corixa's partners.
One of the fatty droplets occurring in the cytoplasm, particularly of an egg.
Proprietary microscopic particles used to encapsulate antigens for more effective delivery to APCs. Microsphere delivery of vaccine antigens promote specific CTL and antibody responses essential for protective immunity against tumors and certain infectious diseases.
Monoclonal Antibody
Antigen-specific antibody derived from hybridoma cells, which are specialized cells capable of continuous antibody production.
A business overview as well as information on Corixa's partners, management team, employment opportunities, and company contacts.
Corixa's near-term products and adjuvant for research applications.
Product pipeline, therapeutic areas of focus, products, technology platforms, and publications.
Company reports, stockholder letter, events calendar, stock quote, analyst list, and materials request.
Current and archived company press releases.