Product Pipeline

Corixa's business is to discover, develop and market immunotherapeutic products that improve human health. Commercialization doesn't happen in a vacuum -- it is the result of an intensive focus on validated discovery and targeted partnership programs. Effective management of preclinical and clinical programs leads to a natural and necessary prioritization of product candidates. Experimental compounds undergo rigorous safety and efficacy testing, the results of which determine the fate of each program. Whether directed at cancer, infectious disease or autoimmune disease, our drug candidates reflect the company's therapeutic strengths: development of preventative and therapeutic vaccines and associated adjuvant compounds, select development of monoclonal antibody therapies, and discovery and development of compounds to stimulate innate immunity. We believe that validated discovery, productive partnerships and consistent clinical and regulatory execution will make Corixa's commercialization goals and reality.

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Corixa's products and adjuvants for research applications.